• Zetman


    Titre original: ZETMAN                                                                                                                             Réalisateur: Osamu Nabeshima                                                                                                                         Genres: [Action] [Drame] [Horreur]                                                                                                                   Année: 2012


    « Hunter x Hunter (2011) [28/45] Tasogare Otome x Amnesia »
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    Jeudi 8 Novembre 2012 à 08:52
    I had actually skpiped this one for the same reasons you initially did. After seeing you post all the niku shots on Twitter, I figured I'd download the episodes and give it a try. I haven't sat down to watch yet, but I skimmed. While I'm not attracted to the dark art style, as long as it doesn't focus on dark subject matter I think I'll enjoy it.
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